We've Got Birthday Parties Down To A Science...Hands-On Science!

Our parties are designed for children ages 4 and up. High Touch High Tech provides Hands-On, FUN Sizzlin' Science parties that are totally participatory and age appropriate for each and every child. Each child becomes a REAL Scientist! Our team of Scientists is prepared to make this the most memorable party your child has ever had!

WE COME TO YOU Whether it be your home, clubhouse, restaurant, or park, we will be prepared to conduct safe, FUN experiments with all of the children.

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Science Programs for Kids


Stimulate children's imagination & curiosity for science!


•$300.00 for up to 15 children
•$10.00 for each additional child
•There is a $50.00 "after hours" fee for any party that goes past 5:00pm
•$40.00 Travel Fee to Miami-Dade and Martin County
•Downloadable Invitation available at no extra cost
•Goody Bags are provided with every party at no extra cost

Additional Experiments Available:

•Each Additional Experiment is $50.00 & will add 15 Minutes to Your Party
•Make Fossils
•Pan for Gems
•Look at Rainbows/Make a UV Bead Detector
•Make Coral Reefs
•Make “Gummy Drop” Candy
•Look at Rainbows and Explore the World of Bubbles

Download Our Invitation Here

Science Programs for Kids


Marvel at the accomplishments your students will achieve!

                      Party Themes Available:

            Crazy Chemistry Party:

  • Make “Slimey Stuff” to keep
  • Make yummy “Gummy Drop” Candy to eat and keep your pipette
  • Erupt Awesome Volcanoes

Pan for Gems Party:

  • Make “sparkly slime” to keep
  • Pan for real gems and keep your gems and a magnifier
  • Erupt AWESOME Volcanoes

Fossil Fun Party:

  • Make “Dinosaur Slime” to keep
  • Make a clay imprint of a dinosaur & decorate with real fossils to keep
  • Erupt AWESOME Volcanoes

Alien Space Party:

  • Space Observation with placemats
  • Make glow-in-the-dark “Alien Space Slime” to keep
  • Make yummy “Cosmic Candy” to eat and keep your pipette
  • Have a “Blast” Launching Nerf Rockets

Tie-dye Party:

  • We supply all the shirts for the event
  • Explore the science of chromatography as we learn about how to mix and match the colors to get the best results before we begin tie-dying
  • Together we tie our shirts up into different designs and band them together to add our color choices 

Under the Sea Party:

  • Make “Ocean Putty” with sea life beads to keep
  • Make a Cool “Coral Reef” using assorted sea life and enhancements

Rainforest Adventure Party:

  • Make “Insect Slime” to keep
  • Create a water cycle and touch a real cloud
  • Build your own amazing “Rainforest Biome”

Get Buggy Party:

  • Make “Bug Slime” to keep
  • Perform a real insect observation
  • Explore compound eyes with a Kaleidoscope that children get to keep
  • Build an edible insect or spider with marshmallows & pretzels

Potions Class 101:

  • House colored SLIME for all guests
  • Potions 101 class where everyone gets to be a 1st year witch or wizard as we learn about pH testing and using indicators to make the liquids change colors. 
  • Always end with a bang!! as we take our awesome VOLCANOES outdoors for a fun explosion

Happy Halloween Party:

  • Make an edible spider
  • Make “Spooky Spider Slime”
  • Concoct Bubbling Potions
  • Take home a glow-in-the-dark spider ring

Winter Wonderland Party:

  • Build an yummy “Igloo” to keep
  • Grow and play with Amazing super absorbing “snow”
  • Make an Arctic habitat and add the “snow” to keep

Grossology Party:

  • Make Poo Goo to keep
  • Make and eat “Booger Candy”
  • Have a giant gas explosion!

Radical Rainbow Party:

  • Observe real rainbows with our special glasses
  • Build a bubble castle
  • Dissect colors as we make a special book mark to keep
  • Concoct your own colorful slime to keep

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Science Programs for Kids


Involve students by becoming REAL scientists performing REAL experiments!

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